Projects Within the Primary Care Network


Diabetes Early Adopters site

 Wisbech PCN has successfully been chosen as a diabetes early adopters site, with a view to review and improve the diabetic care of all diabetic patients within the PCN. We have been given access to additional resources from the Clinical Commisioning Group to help towards reviewing the statistics for our diabetic patients and providing improved training and expert advice on best practice.    


Community Respiratory Acute Service

A same day assessment service for patients with COPD, Bronchiectasis, and Interstitial lung disease. If a patient within the network requires a home visit for an urgent assessment then this can be arranged by the GP practice. One of the community respiratory team members will then contact the patient and arrange a visit.


Young Person Emotional and Mental Health Nurse

 A service with an aim to improve the mental and emotional health for young people within the network. One of the specialist clinicians will see the young person and their parents to provide help and support. If necessary then they will also coordinate a referral for the young person to be seen and assessed in secondary care. This is currently being piloted at North Brink Practice and has been very successful.


Joint Clinics with the Change, Grow, Live Service

These clinics will operate with the goal of helping patients who are taking high dosages of opiate medications. With the input from a psychiatrist from the Change, Grow, Live service, we can work towards providing an appropriate reduction plan for the patient in a supportive and emphatic manner.


Early Cancer Diagnosis

We are taking active steps in ensuring that the signs of cancer are detected as soon as possible and that the patient is referred on to the appropriate service. We will be doing this by participating in the national breast, cervical and bowel cancer detection and prevention screening programmes as well as ensuring that suspected cancer patients are referred down the most appropriate diagnostic pathway so that treatment can be started as soon as possible.


Enhanced Care Home Reviews

Every care home within the network will be assigned a practice and GP that will take an active role in the resident's care. This will significantly help in the continuity of care to ensure that the resident is getting the appropriate care at the right time. The current assignments from 1st August 2020 are below:

  • Clarkson Surgery - Lyncroft Care Home.
  • North Brink Practice -  Glennfield Care Home, Hickathrift House & Orchard House.
  • Trinity Surgery – Dove Court, Chestnuts Care Home, Langley Lodge & Rose Lodge.