Local Services


Integrated Neighbourhood Team

The Wisbech PCN offers our Integrated Neighbourhood Team, where all of the local services (health, social care, police, local council etc.) within the network work together for the benefit of the population and to form a health ecosystem.

We have appointed a dedicated integrated team manager, Pretty Wilkinson, who is coordinating five main areas within the PCN which were decided on following two public meetings:

  1. Smoking cessation 
  2. Patient engagement 
  3. Developing a directory of services 
  4. Mental health services/engagement 
  5. Voluntary services/community care    

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Social Prescriber

The PCN offers access to a social prescriber, Carolyn Cooper, whose role is to provide help and advice on local, non-clinical services. This will involve support on a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs helping to improve the mental health and physical well-being of a patient. To learn more click on the button below.


Extended Access

Extended access appointments (Mon - Fri, 6:30pm to 8pm) are offered across the PCN in all practices, offering additional appointments to patients during these times.